How One Bank Handled Branch Closing After Employee Tests Positive

WSFS Takes Quick Action To Respond To Infected Employee

Keith Griffin

April 2, 2020

A WSFS bank branch with drive-thru window

WSFS Bank was forced to close one of its Philadelphia locations after an employee tested positive for COVID-19. It took a variety of steps in response to the incident.

The Philadelphia Business Journal reports the bank closed the branch for several hours and use electrostatic cleaning to sanitize the location. It then quarantined the rest of the branch employees for a week in their homes. It has also begun the process of communicating to those who were in contact with the sick employee.

WSFS then took the step of bringing in a new team of employees to run the branch. “We have learned that the best practice is to isolate teams [of branch employees],” Chief Retail Banking Officer Richard Wright told the Business Journal. “That way, if a member of team A becomes sick, a we can bring in team B to replace them.”

That process has been made easier because WSFS had closed some of its branches due to the pandemic. When the outbreak began, the bank switched to offering only drive-thru service at those locations. It then made the decision to close the 19 of its 91 branches that did not have drive-thrus and limit access to the remaining locations to drive-thru windows only.

Also, WSFS is offering $500 bonuses to frontline employees — those who work in branches and call centers — who work 70% of their hours between March 15 and April 15. Those who work 100% will receive an extra $650. Employees will receive up to 14 days of paid leave for childcare or other events related to the coronavirus.

Read more about the WSFS response to COVID-19.

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