Barclays Gets Almost $2.5M To Stay In Delaware

Comes A Year After Announcing Jobs Relocation To NJ

Keith Griffin

June 30, 2020

The British band “The Clash” was famous for the song, “Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?” The British bank Barclays has taken the latter half of that song title to heart and is staying in Delaware for the time being.

That’s thanks to nearly $2.5 million from the state’s investment board to expand operations there, according to the Delaware Business Times. It reports Barclays is creating 323 call center jobs in the state. That number may grow by hundreds of additional positions if Barclays can successfully implement an expanded work-from-home model for the call center.

This latest move comes a year after Barclays made the move to transfer nearly a third of its workforce to New Jersey. At the time, reported Barclays relocated about 500 jobs from its U.S. consumer banking division in Wilmington to its new campus in Whippany, New Jersey.

The move comes a year after the British bank opened the 60-acre Morris County campus, and on the heels of the company's relocating roughly 100 Manhattan jobs to the site last fall, and helps Barclays tap into New Jersey tax credits for creating jobs in the state.

Nearly all of the call center jobs are expected to be filled with new employees. All positions, which includes 300 call center staffers earning a minimum of $32,000 annually, 20 managers earning a minimum of $48,000 and three assistant vice presidents earning upward of $90,000, will be offered full benefits, according to the bank’s application to the state

Barclays decided to create a new call center amid an expansion of its financial assistance operation that supports its U.S. consumer bank. The bank is the 55th largest U.S. consumer bank with $33.4 billion in assets and a top 10 credit card issuer, according to federal data.

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